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Let Julie B. be your Spiritual Energy Guide to help bring an understanding to your energetic surroundings. This opening of your energy can truly create insight on inner growth that you have been seeking. 


Healing, Growth, and Understanding Begins


Julie B is a Spiritual Energy Guide, from a young age she has always been sensitive to energy and people around her. As she studied under and received spiritual guidance and teachings from a psychic evidential medium her gifts and abilities have heightened to give accurate and credible information to give those insight.

She connects with communicates and translates messages through tarot and oracle cards, pendulum and meditation for people that are looking to connect and grow spiritually. Julie B. believes there is so much healing that can be done to ones soul that can have a powerful and positive effect on ones life. 

Julie B.


Tarot & Oracle Reading

Tarot and Oracle reading we seek divine wisdom and guidance through energetic frequencies.

Energy Guided Reading

An Energy Guided reading can help open up inner blockages through spiritual interpretations to provide insight.

Energy Clearing

Let’s clear out old energy that can be blocking new growth and positive energy to create a fulfilling life.

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Come shop with Julie B. as she hand selects metaphysical and high vibing products to help bring the best insight to you and our surrounds.

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